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Open Air Screen

“When I look at a map, the names of mountains, villages, rivers, lakes or landscape formations excite me, as long as I don’t know them and have never been there,” says Wenders. “I seem to have sharpened my sense of place for things that are out of place.

“Everybody turns right, because that’s where it’s interesting, I turn left where there is nothing! And sure enough, I soon stand in front of my sort of place. I don’t know, it must be some sort of inbuilt radar that often directs me to places that are strangely quiet, or quietly strange”.


»Wenn du viel unterwegs bist, wenn du es liebst, umherzustreifen und dich zu verlieren, kannst du an den merkwürdigsten Orten landen. […] Ich weiß nicht, es muss wohl eine Art eingebauter Radar sein, der mich oft in Gegenden führt, die sonderbar ruhig sind oder auf eine ruhige Art sonderbar.«