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“Working with public urban spaces as its platform, migrantas aims to make visible the thoughts and feelings of those who have left their own country and now live in a new one.

Mobility, migration and transculturality are not the exception in our world, but are instead becoming the rule. Nevertheless, migrant women and their experiences remain often invisible to the majority of our society.

Migrantas works with issues of migration, identity and intercultural dialogue. Their work incorporates tools from the visual arts, graphic design and social sciences. Members of the collective, mostly women who have themselves immigrated to Germany, develop the projects with other migrant women in a horizontal dialogue.”


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this door i saw the other day when i went to pro qm, one of my favorite book stores in berlin. there i finally bought the book “Prinzessinnengärten. Anders gärtnern in der Stadt“.

by the way, if you care a bit about making cities a better place to live, or if you enjoy having green spaces around you, like to gardening, care about what and where you buy your food, or.. well, many other reasons. and even if you dont live in berlin, you should really sign this petition >> here. i must say that this place just changed my life a LOT.

>> prinzessinnengärten berlin

Labplatz.Transforming Parking Spaces Berlin

“Parking spaces are for cars – at least until now.
What else could happen in the space where a car parks?
What about.. a dance floor!!?
. Materials: 6 pallets, laminate flooring from Reciclyng Hof BSR (all from rubish!),screws.
. Music: Gramophon and vinyls (with dj Pete), battery ghetto blaster.
. Friends, dancers and spontaneous passers-by.
LABPLATZ wants to rethink urban space and raise awareness about the use of public space in our cities.
We invited friends and neighbors to share their ideas and join us in a day of transforming parking spaces.
And yes, like any other car, we paid the parking fee!
“LABPLATZ – Transforming Parking Spaces” was an event that took place on the streets near the Pfefferberg, Prenzlauer Berg, on the 28th of July. It was part of “Space for Everyone” (Rachel Smith) at the BMW Guggenheim Lab, and was organized by Rachel Smith, Stiftung Freizeit, and Kirsten Storz.”