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“Working with public urban spaces as its platform, migrantas aims to make visible the thoughts and feelings of those who have left their own country and now live in a new one.

Mobility, migration and transculturality are not the exception in our world, but are instead becoming the rule. Nevertheless, migrant women and their experiences remain often invisible to the majority of our society.

Migrantas works with issues of migration, identity and intercultural dialogue. Their work incorporates tools from the visual arts, graphic design and social sciences. Members of the collective, mostly women who have themselves immigrated to Germany, develop the projects with other migrant women in a horizontal dialogue.”


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this door i saw the other day when i went to pro qm, one of my favorite book stores in berlin. there i finally bought the book “Prinzessinnengärten. Anders gärtnern in der Stadt“.

by the way, if you care a bit about making cities a better place to live, or if you enjoy having green spaces around you, like to gardening, care about what and where you buy your food, or.. well, many other reasons. and even if you dont live in berlin, you should really sign this petition >> here. i must say that this place just changed my life a LOT.

>> prinzessinnengärten berlin

Labplatz.Transforming Parking Spaces Berlin

“Parking spaces are for cars – at least until now.
What else could happen in the space where a car parks?
What about.. a dance floor!!?
. Materials: 6 pallets, laminate flooring from Reciclyng Hof BSR (all from rubish!),screws.
. Music: Gramophon and vinyls (with dj Pete), battery ghetto blaster.
. Friends, dancers and spontaneous passers-by.
LABPLATZ wants to rethink urban space and raise awareness about the use of public space in our cities.
We invited friends and neighbors to share their ideas and join us in a day of transforming parking spaces.
And yes, like any other car, we paid the parking fee!
“LABPLATZ – Transforming Parking Spaces” was an event that took place on the streets near the Pfefferberg, Prenzlauer Berg, on the 28th of July. It was part of “Space for Everyone” (Rachel Smith) at the BMW Guggenheim Lab, and was organized by Rachel Smith, Stiftung Freizeit, and Kirsten Storz.”

“Grüne Mode ist ein Wachstumsmarkt! Konsumenten werden neugierig und kritisch. Sie wollen zu Recht wissen, aus welchen Materialien und unter welchen Bedingungen ihre Kleidung hergestellt wird – Zeit für eine professionelle Messe, die zeitgemäße Mode präsentiert, die gleichzeitig ökologische und soziale Verantwortung übernimmt.

Die Ethical Fashion Show Berlin verfolgt ein visionäres Konzept, zugeschnitten auf innovative Brands, die Ökologie und Ethik als Selbstverständlichkeit ansehen und sich mit moderner Streetfashion und Casualwear in der Mitte des Modemarktes positionieren. Designer, die bei uns ausstellen, sind der Mode verpflichet, aber sie berücksichtigen nicht nur Schnitt, Farbe und Form, sondern auch den Einfluss von Mode auf die Umwelt und auf die sozialen Verhältnisse.

Mit der Ethical Fashion Show Berlin wollen wir nachhaltigen Modelabels eine professionelle Messe und einen dauerhaften Standort während der Berlin Fashion Week bieten”.

4. – 6. Juli 2012 (Mittwoch – Freitag)

4. / 5. Juli 2012: 10:00 Uhr – 20:00 Uhr
6. Juli 2012: 10:00 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr

Eintritt frei


ewerk, Halle F, C
Wilhelmstraße 43
10117 Berlin-Mitte

U-Bahn: U2 / U6, Haltestelle “Stadtmitte”
S-Bahn: S2 / S26 / S1, Haltestelle “Potsdamer Platz”


Urban Culture Talk: Graffiti equals Gentrification?!

[DE] Politiker, Immobilieninvestoren und Banker werden für die Gentrifizierung unserer Stadt verantwortlich gemacht. Ist es aber wirklich so einfach?
Was ist wenn wir längst schon so weit sind, dass die Rebellion dagegen wie Graffiti und Street Art auch ihren Teil dazu beiträgt?
Die Frage ist welche Rolle spielen die Kulturschaffenden und Subkulturen mittlerweile?
Mit PLATOON Culture Talk wird das Thema Gentrifizierung anders beleuchtet.

PLATOON Culture Talks ist eine monatliche Gesprächsrunde.
Dabei werden Kulturschaffende, Szeneleute und Wissenschaftler eingeladen um über kontroverse Themen, Trends und Strömungen zu diskutieren.

[ENG] Politicians, real estate investors and bankers are held responsible for the gentrification of our city. But is it really that simple?
What if we are already so far, that the rebellion against it like graffiti and street art are contributing to it as well?
The question is what is the role of the artists and subcultures in it?
With PLATOON Culture Talk we are going to approach the theme of gentrification differently.

PLATOON Culture Talks is a monthly series of live talks.
Here artists, scientists and scene players are invited to discuss about controversial issues, trends and current challenges.

PLATOON Culture Talk: Graffiti=Gentrification !?
tuesday, 26th june at 20:00
Schönhauser Allee 9

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About Platoon – Berlin

” is it safe to cross the street? are you moving out of your choice or are you being kicked out? where are the containers? those were just few of the questions asked by people passing by our old area in Alte Schönhauserstr. 3 these days.

containers were flying well, no turbulences, no accidents, everything went well. PLATOON Cultural Development started in early 2000 and this was our second move with containers. we stayed in Weinmeisterstr. 3 for about five years, then in 2007 we moved to Alte Schönhauser 3 for five more incredible years and now we just moved to our new headquarters at Schönhauser Allee 9. not a far move, but a big one.

now our mission is PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. the first groundwork has been laid, there is still a lot of work to do, but we are already excited”.

:: via Platoon.