De-placed :: Kate McIntosh & Eva Meyer-Keller

“Over one summer meeting Kate McIntosh and Eva Meyer-Keller came up with a game. Shifting through the city, from inside to out, they constructed small installations in the locations they found. They played a ping-pong of images between them – each action challenging the other to a reply. The result is a collection of short actions and unlikely installations – a constantly expanding inventory of the world, through mischievous re-placements of the things in it. The project is endless. There is a persistence and inquisitiveness about this catalogue of small crushings, traps, decorations, and repairs – there is an internal logic that can only be read as ‘putting things in the wrong place’ and yet which satisfies some curiosity, some desire, before passing quickly to the next. The rearrangements are subversive, cryptic, and at times mysterious relocations of banal materials in every-day environments. Each image is a fragment in a rolling, compiling world-view; a hands-on investigation of what-might-go-where, and what might happen when one ‘thing’ meets another”.

:: via Margarita Production


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