Portraits of grandpa

It arrived a few months ago, but I only had the chance and time to look through it last week, and I really liked it! The Portraits of grandpa is a zine “initiated and produced by Saga Bergebo, Hilda Grahnat and Linnea Paulsson“.  

The zine tells the stories about nine grandpas and for which story there is an illustration. My favorite one was about Alfred, who having to leave his wife right after the wedding to sail to Africa, bought her a box of orange as an “exotic gift”. It turned out, everyone on that ship got sick and, thanks to the oranges he ate, he returned just fine to his wife. “It was the best gift grandma could ever get from Africa”.

Of course, after reading it, I started missing my grandpa and grandma so much….And I was wondering how to put what they mean to me in a short text?…

“Grandpas are peculiar. They have funny habits, they tell the same stories over and over, and some of them have experienced something extraordinary. As our grandpas disappear, so do their stories. This zine with portraits of grandpas is made to celebrate them.”

:: Portrait of grandpa


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