19th August – next Restaurant Day!

Still don´t know if I will be in Berlin or somewhere in Brazil, but this date is already saved!

Foto Credits (left to right): 1. Ravintola Kääntöpöytä, Helsinki, (c) Timo Santala  2. Tokyo Kitchen, Helsinki, (c) Roy Bäckström 3. Seitsemäs taivas, Helsinki, (c) Roy Bäckström


” It’s hard to conceive of the notion that anything called “popups” is becoming a powerful tool to revitalize commerce and stimulate societal harmony — not only in the United States but across Europe and beyond.  Most people don’t even know what they are, or have only a vague notion.  Ask someone what a “popup” is and more often than not, you’ll hear answers like “an infield fly ball” or “that annoying ad that materializes on your computer screen.”  Even the spelling is uncertain, crazy given the fact we are talking about all of five letters.  We’ve seen popups spelled as one word, two words, and one hyphenated word.  Because we at PopUp Republic believe that popups are here to stay and growing in importance and popularity, we have chosen to use the spelling “popups,” as popups are serious enough to deserve a “real word” designation.  Take note, Websters”.  via :: PopUp Republic.

:: restaurant day.


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