walk, trees and breaks.

Yesterday we went first to the “Rückkehr zu den Ursprüngen der Flanerie” (Return to the origins of flanerie), a walk that took place at Alexa, a strange (but always full) shopping mall at Alexander Platz, Berlin. I never thought I would spent some time there, einfach so, just like this, because I wanted to and not because I needed to buy something fast and get out of there.

The idea came from Karsten Michael Drohsel, who is in charge of the blog Metastadt and also one of the writers of Urbanophil (both great blogs, the kind that you should take a look everyday). It was part of the program from Citizen Art Days.

It was quite interesting to walk there, with no destiny or purpose, looking at others (and never being looked back – this only happens when you cross the line between corridors and stores). We were a small group and after half a hour and we got together to exchange some impressions.

I started thinking how crazy life is sometimes… A year ago I went inside a Book store and saw the Warum ist Landschaft schön? Die Spaziergangswissenschaft from Lucius Burckhardt. I just HAD to buy the book. And now, here we are, Boris and I taking walks, reading about it, and trying to relate it to our studies as well. By the way, this sunday and probably the next two sundays he is doing the Nikolaiviertel´s tour, in case someone is interested. More info here.


After that, we went to Spandau. In almost 4 years living in Berlin, I have never been there. Boris did an internship last year at a landschaftsarchitekturbüro called Gruppe F and they were responsible for a new project for the Lutherplatz. Not to get into the details of problems and solutions, as a visitor I liked the result. My favorite thing was to see how they managed to put some new trees and plants there (many of them were fruit trees). Was nice to see how people were engaged and excited about the new square, while assuming responsabillities for taking care of the trees.

The day went by faster than I thought and the community even organized some cakes and coffee and a Improvisational theatre.

I also experienced another notion of time : with constant interruptions, or, better said, with small breaks. Every 5 minutes or so, everyone stops talking for a while and look or point to the sky. Spandau is really close to Tegel Airport and everytime an airplane flies by, everyone has to stop because it is impossible to hear what the other on is saying. Of course, they were not very happy about the news that the new airport is not going to be open on schedule…


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